THE MATH: (Pluto + Capricorn) INCONJUNCT (Lilith + Gemini) = not to Live


Lilith sends a diary

entry, down the toilet,

to the Library…
There is an idea
I do not like:

It is faster,
not to Live

through your own
Experience, but to learn

through the blunders
of others.  I am

a Blunder on this World.
Learn from a Fool

on her journey.  And though
I walk a Way from

Home, I know that
Home walks in me,

All the same."

Then she sits down, hobbles
together a Map,
and uploads it into Vesta's
Dreaming-Stream.  An Electric
circuit, for the Fae Babies,
to follow, or don't.
It comes with a little
hand-written reminder:

"As you buckle your seat-belts,
please remember: I glow
in your computer screen
but I am not
the Light."

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