THE MATH: (Neptune + Pisces SQUARE Lilith + Gemini) INCONJUNCT (Pluto + Capricorn) = Because I am a Selkie


Lilith tries on bathing-suits,

as Neptune gazes at her…

"I like the blue one,"
Neptune suggest, as his eyes
drift, All over her, "But why
do you need it?"

"I left my last swim-suit
on top of my truck
in the Desert,
and drove a Way,
on accident."

"Yeah, but that was like,
a year ago.  Why
do you need a swim
suit, Now?" Neptune prods her.

"Because I am a Selkie
-Penguin," Lilith proclaims, "and Pluto
and I, are doing this thing,
where we ice plunge,
every third Day."

"You and Pluto hang out?"
Neptune asks in shock,
and jealousy.

"I keep trying
to tell you guys, Pluto
is not my therapist,
he's my Friend,"
Lilith explains, in exasperation,
"I am the closest person
Pluto has to a bro,
and I am too lazy
to plunge on my own,
even though I Love to go.
So, Pluto picks me up,
and carries me off
to the facility, as if I were

"I thought Pluto was my bro..."
Neptune grows soggy in confusion,
"And why the fuck,
do you want to swim in frigid
Water, when
you could float, on the Dreaming Sea
with me?" Neptune hopes
to seduce her.

"Pluto wants to be Wim Hof,
and I just Love
the cold,"
Lilith shrugs him off.

Lilith gives Neptune

a memory…

On Friday's, in the Winter,
at boarding school, I would wake

up, before the Dawn,
put my swimsuit on under sweats,

and walk through the snow, to meet
a bus, that took the few brave

adventurers, to a place called
Elbow Pond.  They cut

a P, into the ice,
at least 10 inches thick.

These were Times, when it still
snowed, deeply, in Winter.

We would stoke the Fire
of the sauna, on the hill above,

and when we were hot and steamy
enough, we would run, barefoot

down the hill, clinging
to a rope, so we wouldn't slip.

We jumped into the freezing
Water, below, and then back up.

Again, and again we would
do this, until the Sky was Light,

and our teacher told us,
it was Time to go back.

We made games.  We called it:
Polar Swim Olympics.

Mars and I, would challenge 
each-other.  Who can stay

in the longest?  Who can triple
-dunk-double-dip?  It was dangerous.

One Time, I had to pull Venus out,
too cold to climb, and cutting herSelves

on the ice.  I wonder if
they still let kids do that shit

anymore...  It made you high,
and energized, until you crashed

midDay, from exhaustion
and the glazed

donuts we ate, on the bus
ride back to school.

We alWays sang
Bohemian Rhapsody, at the top

of our lungs.  And I laughed,
so much -in Love

with Life in those moments.

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