THE MATH: (Moon + S. Node CONJUNCT Scorpio) INCONJUNCT (Lilith + Gemini) = good Luck to you


Moonie calls Lilith

in foreboding…

"Lili, you really should,
lay low this week.  Mars is square
Uranus today.  Everyone is
high strung, saying things
they don't mean, and mis-
communicating.  The Golden
Rule: you cannot un-speak."

"Relaaaaax, Moonie," Lilith soothes,
"I'm just writing a little
book review, for Vesta, while she 'sleeps'."
Lilith says, as she pats Sleeping
Beauty on the head.  She bibliomances,
the 48 Laws of Power, opening
to Chapter 10...
...Having digested it, she whips
a synopsis, out of her ass,
and reads it to the Moon...

"Reading this book,
is like being Luke Skywalker,
only realizing later, your name is Lola,

and you were raised on the red Light
saber.  Apparently, I've got
a gift.  I am

naturally Powerful.
The kind of person
who can make people

feel things, and move them
to produce Great works, from within
their own Genius.  Law 10:

Infection: Avoid the Unhappy
and Unlucky.  I am
contagious, but

I think I might be
an anomaly.  Though
most of the men I entrance,

I infect, they go on
to be Great, pregnant with Genius.
Kind of like when a Greek

GXD fucks a human woman,
and they call it
'bestowing favor'.

You fucked me?  You're welcome.
That's 13 years
good Luck to you."
Moonie holds her face
in her hands, as she  reads it,
"You're really going to
post this?"

"Yes," Lilith beams,
"I'm embracing
my character."

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