THE MATH: (Moon + S. Node CONJUNCT Scorpio) INCONJUNCT (Lilith + Gemini) = It’s JigglyPuff’s thing


Fate dons

a JigglyPuff costume….
"WTF are you doing?"
asks the Moon.

"I'm going in,"
Fate proclaims, unwavering.

"To what End?"
The Moon tosses
a pebble at her.

"I'm going to Sing Black-Moon
-Kirby to sleep, for the rest
of the Mars-Uranus square.
It's JigglyPuff's thing,
you See, to lull people
to sleep.  The trick is
to make Lilitu believe
she's in control of things.
If I abide by her over-culture
narrative, I get to play
in the Game.  I have sWay, So,
I enter by the Make-Believe
backDoor Melee."

"That's kind of evil, Fate."

"I know," Fate shrugs, "but,
it is how we have
alWays done things."

"Careful, she might
suck you up,"
warns Moonie.

"I'll take the risk,"
Fate says, and moseys
through the saloon Doors.

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