THE MATH: (Lilith + Gemini INCONJUNCT Pluto + Capricorn) TRINE (N. Node Taurus) = Lilith swallows her own


Lilith dreams, she is the Knights

of the Round Table, writing

a book report, together,

as they read, ‘Astrology

for the Soul’, by Jan


May 13, 2020:
(Transiting Sun + Taurus) TRINE
(Native N. Node CONJUNCT transiting Pluto Capricorn) =
Knights of the Round
Table Talk Alchemy.

Knight of Pentacles (Earth)

Jan says, one Way to win, is goal
-setting, and conducting experiments.

It's relieving to have that
validated.  For years, I have been

conducting creative experiments
on mySelves, centered around making

sacred objects, in Moon
cycle rhythms -documenting

my sensations on the internet.
This means, I accidentally made

a 3-year-log, of astrological
dates, and what I was

feeling, at my fingertips,
all the Time.  What a wormhole,

self-reflection can be, a Hall
of Mirrors... -but goal-setting,
Knight of Swords (Air)

-back to goal-setting,  It helps,
if you can be better than Orpheus,

and just, don't look back.
"To the Future!" Jan says, "Think

about the Present, and the Future."
She tells me, operating from

my emotions, is how to lose,
which is sad for me, because I Love

Intensity.  It sounds like I need
to leave it outside the Door

of conversation.  If I take it
in with me, this is

how I am Never
heard.  If I Master this

I win.  So...
Knight of Cups (Water)

the key Here, to winning
North Node in Capricorn, is goal

-oriented vision, organizing others
to fulfill their Destiny, through

finessed communication,
with compassion, and control.

I've got no idea,
what that means

for me yet,
but to keep offering

space for readings,
in Tarot maps, and Astrology

charts -two languages I have
witnessed my communications do

for good.  When I approach
the ledge of Future

thought, I see mySelves, Here,
years from Now, growing

something Golden with the Earth
I know the best.  But right Now,

I'm better off building
more movement, dreaming

Knight of Wands (Fire)

a different Way there, involving inter-
dependence, and positive communication.

This makes me think a mobile
laboratory, to conduct and connect

and divine from, is not
an unreasonable first step,

for my particular brand of sanity.
I recognize, Jan would say,

"And then what?" but, that does not
mean, I am not in the right

crossroads, just that I would be
wise, to wield my Life like a staff,

and angle it with purpose,
towards a widening bandwidth.

Lilith swallows her own

advice, echoing back to her,
as she wakes up.   She enters
the meeting,
but she does not
move a muscle.  She imagines
there is no melee...

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