THE MATH: (S. Node Scorpio) TRINE (Neptune + Mercury + Jupiter CONJUNCT Pisces) = tender, to call it


So, how did

Seeing, Jupey, go,” Fate

asks Mercury, at the Water-cooler…
Mercury inhales,
"Lilith played Opossum.
Athena held our face,
and gave the Dr. control,
as often as she could.
He translated, and she
appreciated how he handled
us.  Persephone cried,
but was able to tell us,
she stays a Way because she is
angry, and scared of Dad,
and does not want
to harm her siblings, or
triangulate.  Mars, kept us
breathing.  And I
kept reminding us:
our Story only Matters
as much as it is
relevant, to Future co-
Existing.  There is
something, glowing
there on the Dreaming
Sea, though I am
tender, to call it
Love, yet.
We were told,
it was a Great Opening,
and the Dr. has Seen
a lot of family

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