THE MATH: (S. Node + Scorpio) TRINE (Neptune + Mercury CONJUNCT Pisces) = The Gang Goes to Family Therapy


Fate dumps a sleeping

Black-Moon Kirby on the couch,

before Jupiter arrives…
"Okay, what are we
doing Here?" Fate questions the group,
as she closes them into the meeting room.

"Showing up," Mars, Mercury, Persephone
and Athena say, in unison.

"What are we Here to Say?"
Fate continues.

"Nothing unless asked directly,"
the team chimes on.

"And what do we do with questions?"
Fate drills, as she faces the line-up.

"We pause, and consider
what is essential,"
they drone.

"And what is essential?"
Fate whispers low,
and everyone takes
a beat.

"Nothing really,"
Persephone breaks
the silence with a shrug.

"Everything," Athena furrows,
taking out her list of woes.

"Only what maneuvers
in the direction of my benefit," 
Mercury manipulates.

"Whatever brings us
Here and Now," Mars
says, from somewhere
far off...

"The fucking Truth,"
Lilith says, and everyone jumps.

"I thought you were asleep,"
Fate turns to her, singing Lili
back into a coma.

Athena wipes
the sweat from her brow,
"Thanks, Fate."

"Yeah, no problem,"
Fate prods Lilith with her foot,
for good measure, to make sure
she's really out this Time,
"Expect Daddy, and the Dr.,
 shortly," Fate nods
to the rest
of the kids,
"If she wakes up,
tell her, she's playing
chess with Saturn,"
Fate adds, and closes
the Door behind her...

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