THE MATH: (Moon + Sagittarius) INCONJUNCT (N. Node + Taurus) = unless you want to know


Persephone writes,

to Daddy, through the Forest

Books, to decompress,

and feel a little less alone…

I no longer care
what you did, or if
you ever say sorry,

but you did say sorry,
and so I thanked you
for the apology.

I just want to be
allowed, to be
a part of our family

without being whispered
about, every Time I leave
a room, as if we belong

in a Rococo court.
I am not some crazy nymph,
to fix.  I just want to look

forward, and remain
curious, to if
there is a Way we can

exist together.  I am imperfect,
and I ran a Way to survive.
I will answer questions of how

we got to this rift, as much
as you need to, but at this
point, I am OK if I am forever

on the outside.
I will not argue
our perceptions of the past,

except in relevance to how
we can pinpoint patterns,
and tessellate a new

Way to a healthy common
ground, Now. And please,
take the Dr. seriously,

when he tells you:  Do not
ask a question
unless you want to know

the answer.

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