THE MATH: (N. Node + Taurus) SEMISEXTILE (Lilith + Gemini) = she’s all Air, but


The Knight of Wands

carries Lilitu, over his shoulder…

"No One told me
the Grail would be so
heavy," the Knight

of Wands complains, buckling
under the crushing weight
of Lilith's sleeping form.

"I know," wonders the Knight
of Cups, "You think, Kirby,
she's all Air, but

she's Dead weight.
Thanks for taking a turn,"
the Knight of Cups says

wiping sweat from his brow.
Lilith begins to grin,
in her 'sleep', and the shrewd Knight

of Swords notices, from where he walks
behind the Knight of Wands.
"Are you ready

to wake up yet," he asks
as he prods Lilith in the Solar
Plexus, with his sheathed weapon.

"No," she giggles, out
of the side of her mouth,
"I kind of like Letting

the boys carry me
around.  It's very
'the Master does Nothing,

and Nothing is left undone.'"
"You mean making us
carry you," the Knight

of Swords cuts.
Lilith opens her eyes
All the Way,

"It is not my fault
you cut Dad in the Achilles, Henry.
Y'all took on the responsibility

of escorting me, 'safely',
to and from therapy.  Hot Potato,
pass it on.  I'm your problem


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