THE MATH: Mercury ENTERS Aries = -Day,” she begins,


"Get up," Mercury glides
into Persephone's bedroom,
where she's napping.
He whips off her covers.
She's all curls and 'nighty.
"It's Legend of the Hidden
Temple: Water World
Edition. The theme is
Blade.  I have chosen
my weapon, for the Melee,"
Mercury proclaims as he raises up
a spare pair of roller-blades.

Persephone flips over, whining,
"Mercury, it's my birth
-Day," she begins,
"That means we do
what I want to."

Mercury tosses the blades
on the bed, "You want to
do this," He grins,
"Lilith left the Flow
Temple, and someOne
has got to
tend it.  Let it be
us, Persephone. Together,
we're a disco

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