THE MATH: (Venus + Saturn CONJUNCT Aquarius) = pointed, but only just


Venus leaves Saturn

a voicemail…
"There is an easy Way
into the Heart of yourSelves,
although it is winding.

You enter through the armpit.
First, span a wing
out, from your body.  Bend

your forearm from your elbow,
as if to give another a high-five.
And with your opposite hand,

sneak your fingers along
your high ribs, with gentle pressure,
exhaling as you creep into the cave

of your armpit.  You will meet
a ropy muscle, against
the backs of your fingers.

Snuggle your digits between what is
above and below.  Here, wiggle
them, like silkworms in cocoons.

You will feel a larger, harder
muscle, in the back of the cave
-what science names the sub

-scapularis: a muscle on the under
-side of the shoulder-blade.
It hugs the Heart.  Here,

you are between
a rock and a hard place,
only you do not know it,

fully, yet.  With pressure
pointed, but only just
uncomfortable, tense your high

-five, from shoulder to fingertip.
You will feel the muscle in the pit-cave
kick, like a baby in a womb.

You are the hard place.  Against the rock,
press gently forward.  You will notice,
where the Pain travels, speaking,

"I am Here... Now I am tHere."
If there is not Pain,
communicating from somewhere

inside of the 'pit, you would be
a rarity among us, and how
Lucky for you.  For the rest of us,

allow the moment to be spontaneous.
I have been trusted to touch,
many in this sacred

swamp.  Please believe me
when I tell you, it is
normal, to be surprised

by what shows up.  It is
a Magick button, that makes
all the Dust on the back-burner

very hot, All at once.  Opened
by a pin-prick, you may cry,
you may not.  You may see a boogie

-monster.  You may scream.  You may laugh,
You may ask me to stop.  Breathe.
To expose yourSelves Here, is to be

made vulnerable.  If you allow
someone in Here, know
you are choosing to trust them.

You do not need to give
the Pain a Story, to release it,
but you can if knowing the tale helps you

to let it go.
You really do not
need to work that hard.

A muscle is reset, on the exhale,
and in the resting breaths, following
exertion.  If you keep meeting

the point-of-mild
discomfort and releasing it,
over and over again, the Pain

will continue to tell you
how it needs to move, until,
having Nothing left to oppose,

it disappears on its own."

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