THE MATH: (Mercury + Aries) SEXTILE (Mars + Aquarius) = control? Do you feel


Mars calls Mercury…

"Did you See the whole,
Will Smith - Chris Rock
myth yet?" Mars asks.

"WTF are you talking about?"
Mercury asks grumpily.

 "Look it up," Mars orders,
"And call me back.  The poets
are writing about it."

11 minutes later,
Mercury calls Mars again…
"Lol, why
do we care
about what celebrity

slapped who
on stage?  Does it
make you feel

better, about that One
Time, you punched
some guy at the bar,

or shoved your sister
up against a wall,
yelling in her face?

When you see him,
do you see yourSelves?
Do you feel less

alone, knowing you are
not the only one who loses
control?  Do you feel

smug, having a body
to poster the Pain upon?
It's all really just

the same Game.  The angry
Adam, 'protecting' Eve.
The perfect Serpent,

poised in grin.
He does Nothing,
and the Undoing is done

for him.  Would you feel
better, if we shamed Adam,
before we return him

to the Garden?  The news touts
non-violence, as the highest
truth, and yet we are

a Planet steeped in war.
I do not care who is
right.  There are at least 3

threads, living in this
Story-line.  Yet, we Love it,
when we can point, and say,

'See!  The Pain, is not
me.  It isn't us.  It is
the Angry One, who cannot

control himSelves.'
Adam would have gained
Power, if he had sat

in silence, and let the Serpent
be eaten, by the Court.  The Joker
would have been deemed cruel,

in the after-shock of too poignant
a dig.  But as it is, the Dark
makes him radiant, and so he may 

court innocence."

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