THE MATH: (Vesta + Venus Aquarius) SQUARE (Uranus + N. Node Taurus) = “OH MY GXDZ,” V sighs


"What seems to be
the puzzle, Uranus?"
Venus asks him, as she walks
onto his spaceship.

"Vesta's got a glitch
in the quadratus lumborum.
She seems to feel,
unsupported," Uranus explains
to Venus, as he worries
over Vesta, 'sleeping' in her sweats,
her back in spasms, and surrounded
by Lilith's protective 'Vesta Manga'.
Uranus wipes sweat from his brow,
"Maybe her rat has been
a Way too long..."

Venus pats U on the shoulder,
"Trust me Doctor, it's not the Pudding."
She walks into the room,
and straddles Vesta's cot.  She positions
her body, between Vesta's thighs,
so that they rest upon her own.
With one hand and gentle pressure,
Venus cups V's vulva.
The other slides between her legs,
beneath her sacrum, upon the mattress.
Then Venus waits, and breathes.

V feels her Vagus
Nerve, kick in, through the inside
of the hips, and along the Heart
meridian -tingling
in two vertical lines,
up to the nostrils.

"OH MY GXDZ," V sighs,
coming back online,
"If a Lover could hold me
like this, for 5 minutes a Day,
I'd never malfunction."

Venus giggles, "I know,
right?  It's so good.
You are the 3rd woman
to tell me that, this week.
Where do you think
a man would want
the Energy?" Venus wonders.

Vesta tilts her head,
"The deepest I have given
relief, is with my hand
to a Lover's Heart.  With Light
pressure, and warm eye
contact, he'd find the center
of the Well.  I would watch his eyes
melt into it, and that meant something
to me, like the eye of a storm...
-but also, maybe
by the nape of the neck,
like a cub.  Maybe wrapped
up, consumed, and tangled
in your limbs.  To know,
we'd really have to
ask Jeeves," Vesta surmises.

"Or men, V," Venus suggests,
"We could just ask the men..."

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