THE MATH: (Neptune + Jupiter CONJUNCT Pisces) SQUARE (Lilith + Gemini) = a Dream in a bottle


The Selkie speaks…

"The Sea Master says, he has
swum too far a Way
from shore, to return Home.

Yet Here he is, alWays
knocking on my Door, too 
scared to let go,

as he ever has been.
He holds me like
a Dream in a bottle.

I turn to Dust,
like beautiful fabric,
preserved pristinely,

in a tomb, until
you opened me.
Scatter me

on the Wind, Friend.
Let me breathe,
like your mother's ashes.

You have courted Death,
long enough.  Whisper
a prayer, for me.  I care

not, if it is a bitter
Spell.  Lighten your load.
You needn't carry around

my urn,
like an anchor
in your dingy."

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