THE MATH: (Venus + Aquarius) TRINE (Mean Lilith + Gemini) = them both, in my Heart


Venus calls Lilitu,

from outerSpace…
"So, Lili, what is
the difference between
the True you,
and the Mean you?"
asks Venus.

Lilith has been
observing the experience,
so she jumps right in...

"Elder astrologers tend
to track the Mean Lilith,
because Lilith is a calculation

in a relentless and constant
shift.  AlWays moving,
retrograde and direct,

in and out of signs,
every few weeks.  It is
exhausting, to ride her

waves, alWays noticing
her changing relationship
to All the other

GXDZ.  Personally,
I find it makes her loud.
My generation

of astrologers, like to know
the True Lilith -exactly
where she was when One was

born.  They want to know
the high, or the low
they rode in on, not the average.

I have enjoyed the still,
these last few weeks, in
desertion of camp True Node

-the Mean of me, resting
in an awkward inconjunction
with Pluto, feels True enough.

But I watch her.  I remain
in touch with the valleys and peaks
of her waving.  I track

her, like bilocation.
The True One has swum
ahead, but she will be

back to this degree I crawl through,
soon, and drift behind it.  Only True
Lilith can prod the boundaries

of our container.  Only
Mean Lilith can hold
the Center.  I hold

them both, in my Heart,
like Aether sculpting Matter.
Together braids,

the Sacred Third."

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