THE MATH: (Moon + Cancer) TRINE (Venus + Pisces) = All heard it told


“So, Proserpina,”

asks Venus, “how was this

round of family therapy?”

"Jupey told the Story
of his Pain.  We had

All heard it told
in different Ways,

but we had Never
heard him name, Anxiety

before.  And maybe he
had not heard himSelves

put Anxiety in it's place,
like a pawn upon

the chessboard, before,

"So you didn't speak?"
asks Venus.

"As much as possible
I try not

to speak, in family
therapy.  I let

the Dr. guide
us, let him

walk us through
his maze.  The Dr. asks us

what he wants us
to learn, from each

-other, and from ourSelves.
The kids are calling it

'Witness Consciousness'.
Haven't you heard of it?

In therapy, I imagine
I am with the Water Bearers,

attentively sipping Blood.
As much as I am able,

I let Daddy be a woman
at the Well.  He tells

us what he Knows.
He tells himSelves."

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