THE MATH: (Moon + Mean Lilith CONJUNCT Gemini) = end called Birth. Finding


Lilith tells the Moon

how she plays Dead…
In the asking, waiting.
In the listening, waiting.

Yet One is
passive, the other

active.  Choose which.  You just
need to read, and write

and Weave your Way from
tHere.  You can trust

your own Tellings, if you
dare to jot them down.

They will not
necessarily guide you

into 'victory', directly,
but through the Spiraling

corridors you walked
to reach a Dead

end, called Birth.  Finding
a Way a Way,

you might find Hurt.
Once you reach the Crossroads,

you needn't Way old trails.
There is no reLiving

the direction you journeyed
Here.  North, South,

East, West.  These are just
suggestions.  Whethers. If I could

speak, the Way
I write, I would.

And if I am
telling a Tale, I might.

But as I listen,
my Heart is a Dark

slate, upon which
streams Bright codes.

I See them, as I
feel them.  I do not choose.

I remind mySelves, I am

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