THE MATH: (Venus + Pisces) TRINE (True Lilith Rx + Cancer) = the Bee. It is Legend


Lilith faceTimes Venus,

and jumps right in…

"Venus, you cannot be
the Bee.  It is Legend
of the Hidden Temple:
Water World edition."

"But the Sun is
in Aries.  We are drying
out, that means Spring
-Time bumblings,"
Venus protests.

"Yeah, well," Lilith crosses
her arms,  "you just entered
Pisces, with Jupiter and Neptune.
All we really know
about that, is that
Jupiter magnifies everything
and Neptune is a Sea-Dream, so
it's still WWE, according
to my philosophy.
The theme is Blade."

"I think you mean, according to
your fantasy.  I don't want to be
a Blade," Venus complains, "And,
Vesta is a Blade of grass.
Mercury is a rollerBlade.
How do those, in any Way,
fit in your Water genre?"

"GXDZ damnit Venus.  Choose
a metaphor, Blade or Water.
Vesta is a Selkie
-Penguin-Kirby.  It's complex,"
Lilith smokes.

"Don't be like your father,
Lilith.  It's controlling,
and unattractive," Venus sniffs.

"Fine.  What would you
like to be, Venus?"
Lilith asks with a smile
that twitches.

"I would like to be the Bee,"
Venus begins,
"But I will be the sheath,
protecting a frog's eyeball
as it swims underWater."

Lilith leans back,
"...Fine. That checks
enough boxes for my narrative."

"Great," Venus rolls her eyes,
"So long as your narrative
is protected."


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