THE MATH: (Moon + Cancer) OPPOSITE (Pluto + Capricorn) = the Grasper glued

"I'd let you rest
inside my Heart, though you are
a horrid thing.  But in

your Dreams, you gouged
and pierced, you gored
my Center Being.

What kind of creature
comes to camp, inside
an ancient tree, who
cannot keep a quiet
nest, for sake of

-The Oracle of Passeridae


…Pluto Speaks…

"A foolish man finds
enemies, within his arms.
He shadow-boxes his psycho
-dramas, upon the bodies 

who might help him.  He Sees
not how his own actions
create a storm.
Such a man is helpless.

A man who cannot find
allies, within his own
camp, will never survive
the anxieties of a society

whittled to swindle him.
And why should anyone
go to war against you,
as the thin silhouette

you bat at in your sleep?
Though slim as a wisp,
a Shadow clings like tar.
The Grasper glued

by what can never be." 

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