THE MATH: (Neptune + Jupiter CONJUNCT Pisces) = just a glossy looking


Neptune helps Jupiter

out of his inner-tube,

and up onto his ice-cube…
There isn't much on it,
just a glossy looking
throne, that freezes
to your butt...

"Please, brother, have
a seat," Neptune gestures
formally, "I have been
carving this for you
since last May,
when you entered the Dreaming
Sea," He lies through his teeth.
He started and finished the ice 
throne, last week.

"No thanks," Jupey shrugs,
"I'd rather not get stuck
Here.  I am
just passing through.
I like it though,
its cute, 'Tune."

"It's cute?" Neptune scoffs.

"Yeah, you know,
the flourishes,
and what not,"
Jupiter notes.

"Fuck you, Jupey,"
Neptune turns a Way,
speaking to the Seascape
"It is art, made with use
and intention.  It is
a sacred object."

"You sound like Athena,
making her Magick carpets.
By the Way, have you
Seen her?  She swam
through Here, a while ago...
She's in charge of an island
like a holding
station, for hot nymphs.
I'd like to find it,
but the Knights have stolen
my magnifying glass."

"I think this is that
ice-cube..." Neptune trails.

"Well," Jupiter says,
sitting down to his throne,
"Maybe I will allow
mySelves to get stuck
Here, then.  But where
are the nymphs?"

"They haven't shown
up yet," Neptune says
as he watches the horizon,
"I'm beginning to think
they may Never."

"That would be a drag,"
Jupiter proclaims,
"What do they expect us
to do?  Entertain each-other?"

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