THE MATH: (Mercury + Eris CONJUNCT Aries) = the Ledge of Willing


…Eris Speaks…

"You can call me
too, you know," he says,
after he found his Way

into my pants, and then
ran, very far a Way.  "You can
call me, too."  But why

would I chase a man
who asked to open me up,
and yet cannot prove

he can contain me?
I bloomed there, on
the Ledge of Willing,

and he did not come 
to meet me.  That's okay.
That is life.  You open,

and you take the chance
of trust.  But Now I am
like the robot, built

to squeegee up it's own 
fluid.  I sprang a leak,
and you went to Mexico.

I know I can call you.
I have been too busy
making amends with mySelves

for letting
you chase me down,
in the first place."

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