THE MATH: (Neptune + Jupiter CONJUNCT Pisces) SQUARE (MEAN Lilith + Gemini) = no false Worlds. Write,


…Lilith speaks…

"'It's clear, you
have been given
what you need,

in the battle
of Truth,' the Handiboi
tells me.  Truth

is not a battle.
Thinking it is, is
an illness we suffer from.

A wise man once whispered,
'There are no false Worlds.'
You cannot win Here,

because you have entered
my World, engulfed
by my own Story

-line.  There are
no false Worlds.  Write,
friend.  Just not

into my inbox, anymore.
Sculpt your own Truth.
You give me too much

Power.  You ask me
to shape Truth for you.
You want me to make yours

better, but I can
only make it

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