THE MATH: (Vesta + Aquarius) SQUARE (Uranus + Taurus) = it means to Live it


Vesta tells Uranus

a secret, in the Library…

"SomeTimes, I think
it would be fun, to get a PhD
in Mythology.  And then,
I remember, I do not really remember

how to use MLA format, and
I have no relevant scholastic
references.  So instead,
I hack the book-lists,

and read about the professors.
In their words, I hear the value
of finding your myths. I hear
what I am already

doing.  I steep in the sub
-terranean current of my
mythology.  How do I explain
what I have gained

to a professor?  No, I do not
want to write a thesis.
I just want to write.
I'd like to sit in class though,

like a fly on the back
of a student's neck, absorbing
all the sweat of Myth,
and what the scholars think

it means to Live it."

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