THE MATH: (Sun + Pallas Athene CONJUNCT Aries) = if you like it. Practice it


…Athena Speaks…

"So, you are
having a mental breakdown?
It is not a failure.

It is being done
with Reason.  You can
no longer function

in the paradigm you have
created for yourSelves.
Your Soul, is letting you 

know.  You can scream
into the Void, "It isn't
fair!"  Do that,

as long as you need to.
You will wear yourSelves out.
What is fair about this

World?  We are
an accumulation of our actions.
We act unconsciously,

until we can figure out
what unconscious actions
brought us to the break

-down.  We are
like records, singing
familiar grooves,

whether we like them or not,
until we choose a different
song.  To do that, we have to

take the record off
the gramophone.  If you
do not, eventually

the record will warp,
because it is old,
or it will skip

from overuse.  Either Way
you need a new record,
but you cant just go

to the record store,
and buy someone else's
music.  You need to 

take the record out
of circulation.  Let 
there be Nothing

for a while.  Then, write
a song.  Sing it.  See
if you like it.  Practice it.

Create a pattern, and record it
into music you want to hear,
until it's old, and it's Time

to make a new one."

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