THE MATH: (Chiron + Aries) SEXTILE (Vesta + Aquarius) = her, the whole Sea


“I’m never falling in

Love again,” Chiron

the Eggshell wails on…
Vesta picks him up
off the ground, and cradles him,
in her hands,  "You should never,
say never," she reprimands.

"Don't be superstitious, V,"
Chiron says, as he rolls
himSelves off of her
palm, sadistically, breaking
himSelves into further bits.

"It's not superstition,"
Vesta says, as she crouches
down, to speak to his shards.
"The brain does not
compute negatives.
'I'm never going to give an inch
of my Heart to a woman
again!' says the wounded
masculine.  And then,
the next day, you have
given her 10,000 leagues,
because all your brain heard
was, 'Give her an inch!'
and your Heart was all like,
'OK!'  And suddenly,
you have given
her, the whole Sea.

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