THE MATH: Mars ENTERS Pisces = be? Is this not


…Mars dreams of Venus…

"I thought you said
you wanted to grow?"  Venus speaks,

wafting through a dream,
"And come as you will

be?  Is this not
the opportunity?  Will you

not die again, with me?
Release All you have

known.  This is a web
of your own making.  Cut

the threads, and dance
Here in the Void you've grown

with me.  Or don't," she adds
at the End, with a flick

of her tongue.  From the corner
of her eye, a smile

writhes.  I can see she is
teasing me.  She knows

all paths lead
back to her, eventually.

She walks on.  She does not
wait.  I rise up

from sleep...

…Mars Wakes Up…

"Venus!" Mars shouts,
"Wait up."

"I told you, I would be
Dusting your ass,"
Venus returns his call, without
apology, or a glance back.

"I know," Mars confesses,
"But talking about it,
is different than
being about it.  And I'm feeling
a little starved for Love
in your absence."

"It's a lost cause, babe,"
Venus does not console him,
"By June, I'll be two
signs ahead of you.
And then, you'll do
this whole thing,
where you run back and forth
in Gemini, this fall,
and I'll be getting ready
to dive back into Scorpio.
Don't fight it.
Let go."

"I really don't like it
when you tell me
my future, Venus.
If someone doesn't ask
you, don't tell.
It's poor boundaries."

"We're in Pisces, babe!"
Venus gestures at the Dreaming
Sea.  "Here, boundaries are more
like suggestions, or
a wall of Water
molecules, alWays
moving around, but never really
shutting you out.  You can be
One, with whatever you want Here.
Besides, don't be sad, Orpheus.
We successfully made it
out of the Underworld.
You've never not looked
back before."

"I feel used,"
Mars frowns.

"There, there,"
Venus says,
"You have Love
in your Heart,
not only when
you hold my hand.
And don't forget
about the war
you cannot win."
She splashes Water
in his face,
with a grin, and swims
a Way.

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