THE MATH: (Full Moon + Libra) OPPOSITE (Sun + Aries) = cherry chap-stick


"What up Moon-Dawg!"
calls the Sun.

"When I close my eyes
I can see the outline
of my uterus, throbbing,"
Moonie replies.

"Cool, cool, more
red tent stuff.  You know
what they say,
about Full Moon bleeders.
You're a shaman,
or a witch."

"I'm getting fingered
by the Universe, is what
is happening," Moonie edits.

"On your period?" Sunny wonders.

"Yes, have you peeped
the map?  Destiny, Jupiter and Neptune
are wiggling their Finger
of Fate at me."

"So what does that mean?"

"I haven't figured that
out yet..." Moonie trails,
"But it appears you and I are
Here, in the middle of things..."

The Sun and Moon
study the map together,
but separately...

1 Hr Earlier: Moonie writes

in her diary…

Do I take the Day
off?  What could I say
to you, that would

fill you up, more than
your own imagination?
Maybe I'll make some

images, in my own Blood.
Maybe I'll paint my face,
and rosy-cheeked, I'll walk

the town, and passer-byes
will wonder what my cherry
chap-stick tastes like.

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