THE MATH: GRAND WATER TRINE: (MEAN Lilith + Cancer)(Mars + Pisces)(Moon + Scorpio) = Myst, and Sea, and Apples.


Lilith tells Mars

a Story in the Moonlight…
"'You should never
work with Kali,' John
the Baptist, spoke

to me, in the Desert.
'What do you know
about King Arthur, Merlin

and Morgana?  Stay a Way
from her,' he instructed me.
I just grinned at him,

and the moment passed,
and he droned onward.
I had named my last

Moon's book of poems:
Myths of Morgana,
and within it, the Roads of Kali

-Yuga.  I was working with many
dim Lights, and yet when he
looked upon me, he could See

only Bright.  He told me
to reject my own strength.
'I know the Mysts

of Avalon,' I said, 'I know
of falling apples.'  'I walk
the Road of the Red

Ones.  I am the Center
Dark,' I spoke not.
In the middle

of the Day, I did not
argue with John.  No need
to try to be understood

by a Being who labels a hue
All bad, or All good.  We are
a spectrum, strumming a Light

-pillar of possibilities.
A conversation only
Matters, if the intention is

to meet.  And John opened,
the gambit, by instructing me,
where he was unwilling to See me." 


I am of Ancient and Undying things,
renewing.  I am of Mysts
and of the Spitting Sea.  I am
an island, made of Apples, and secrets.

It is on these shores, where Times
converge, you will find me.  The Air
the Fire, Earth and Sea; they All meet
Here, at the Ever Waving Cross.

I am the entrance of a twinkling
cave, Dark and Bright.
You will not alWays know
if you like me; dampened Stone,

and burning Fire.  Do I envelope
you, or do I lay within?  Waiting
for you to drink me in?  I am the wet
and foaming Ocean, full yet empty

and alWays ready for you
to cup me with both hands and enter
me.  I am the salty Dark, and sticky
sweet.  I am of Ancient and Undying

things.  I am
Myst, and Sea, and Apples.

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