THE MATH: (Vesta + Aquarius) SQUARE (Uranus + Mercury CONJUNCT Taurus) = pee breaks


Vesta, Mercury, and Uranus

meet up for book club

in the Library. Vesta speaks…
"To be honest, it's been slow
going.  I've been excreting
Meaning, the whole Way,

and I'm only 30 minutes in.
I give my ears to the sound
of another Forest

Book.  This author, I have been
avoiding, because he is One
of the Dr.'s favorites, but

I'm growing used to the Pain
of learning Truths, writ
in my soul -uncovering

what I already know.  The puzzle
pieces flurry to their places.
Illumination. Virgin

to Joseph Campbell's work,
I idled over where to begin:
I know I am the Hero

with 1,000 Faces, but
I also know, I am Romancing
the Grail.  I chose the Grail,

because no One was there
to stop me.  The journey begins
en Bretagne, as Campbell's follower

describes walking beside him, as he
talks Story through scenes I mySelves
have tread, a Student beside

Teacher. This journey will be
slow for sure, if I have to
keep taking this many

pee breaks."

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