THE MATH: (Moon + S. Node CONJUNCT Scorpio) = ‘Trouble’ for him,” Fate giggles


Moonie and Fate

watch the GQ interview

between Jordan B. Peterson

and Helen Lewis…
Moonie passes Fate
the popcorn, while Lewis speaks...
"You say women wear make-up,
because it reminds men
of ripe fruit."

"-OMG, Lucifer probably
Loved this debate," Fate grins
as she inhales popcorn, and drama,
eyes glued to the screen.

"Well what do you think
women wear make-up for?"
Peterson returns to Lewis.

"I don't know, I'm sure
there are lots of reasons,"
Lewis proposes.

"That's not a good
enough answer.  Our eyes evolved
to detect ripe fruit,"
Peterson pushes.

"So what, you want
to eat women?" Lewis questions him.

"Well I might like
to taste them," Peterson supposes.

"LMFAO!" Moonie spills
the popcorn bowl, "He should taste
my cherry chap-stick."

"He says one woman is enough
'Trouble' for him," Fate giggles
nudging Moonie in the ribs,
"Who do you like better,
Peterson or Lewis?"

"I think they are both
pretty fucking annoying, but
I'm still going to buy Peterson's Easter
-sale personality course."
Moonie confesses.

"Why?" asks Fate.

Moonie shrugs, "He is a pop
-psychologist, and a Master knows
how to follow the people.
Besides, I want to know
if I mark as high on the disagreeable
and neurotic scales, as I think
I do," grins the Moon.

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