THE MATH: Sun ENTERS Taurus = you. He Loves


Sunny becomes a garden

snake, and slithers as he speaks…

move the Way that humans
do.  He tightens
to take hold, while pushing off

from.  He contracts
to extend.  It can feel tense,
as he encircles your arm,

or your shoulder -tension made in order
to glide down your back.  This
snake, moves slowly, and with

sweetness.  He tastes
the Air, and is in
no rush to leave you.

There are many moving
ridges, beneath his smooth scales.
His witch tells you,

he sheds his skins
like uterine linings, in
cycles, each husk mirroring

the ease or the struggle
of the Season it contains.  Snake.
He is before you,

until he is behind
you.  He Loves
by exploring, and he likes to.

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