THE MATH: (Saturn + Aquarius) SQUARE (The Nodes of Fate) = gathering mind


Saturn finds his own

diary entries, floating through

the outer rim of Space…


All the Aquarians I know
just want to study, but they don't

feel valid, in pursuing their mind.
I whisper to them, One by One,

where I See we are
headed; toward micro

-community.  I describe to them
a Future, where they are glowing

resources; Their knowledge
becoming currencies, and currents

of Energy.  The degree does not
Matter -but the Mastery,

the voltage, does.
I never have to explain

what I mean, a second
Time, to an Aquarian.  The Times

I weave us into run
already, in their Blood.  They relax

as they approach the Dream
of Change I hold open.  They want

to dive in.  It makes sense 
to them, more than anything

the World has asked of them
so far.  I tell them

how we will need them,
and plead with them,

"Do not stop
gathering mind."


I hear you, trying to make
sense of it.  Finally
your momentum reaches full

capacity.  You are ready
to soar.  You have figured it
out -this game of gaining

speed.  You were
zooming a Way, launched
into the success and individualism

the cracking rings of Saturn
promised you, as you rode them
through Capricorn.  You were told,

this is the Way it is
done.  But the Star map
changed, and you are

still floating off in Space,
in the wrong direction,
pulled by the remnants

of momentum, looking
around, and realizing you are
lost.  Sweet Ones, whatever

ship you built in that
structure, is far from you Now.
You do not need it.

Please transfer, at the next
station, into Aquarius
if you want to ride at All.

We are going someplace else
Now, buckled in by autonomy
and interdependence, and

we need your sturdy
Hearts, and courageous
minds. Love,


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