THE MATH: (Mean Lilith + Cancer) TRINE (Mars + Pisces) = the Wave, is my own Heart


Mars joins Lilith’s

book club…

"I don't understand
why we needed to start
our own book club, Lilith,"
Mars expresses, "We could just
read your book, next month
in Vesta's group."

"Next month, doesn't exist Mars,"
Lilith says, "I want to
read it Now."

"Well this guy says, Freud says,
'Manic people are too childish
to face their depression,"
Mars reads to Lilith.

"LOL," Lilith giggles.

"What do you think?"
Mars asks.

Lilith shrugs,
"I get that.  And
I also think, you ride

a high, you get
a low.  And trust
me, I aspire to stay

in the Mean of things.
I do my best, to ride
my Wave, and burn as kindly

as the GXDZ allow, but only in
the Wave, is my own Heart
tasted.  And why should I deny

mySelves the surf?  It's my tide,
and no one else can See it.
The trick is, to look

at your imagiNation
with realism, and determine
if you can scale it.

Sometimes, with a Dream
like a tsunami, you wipe-out.
You get 'so pitted bro', or towed

all the Way under -out
to Sea, for a life
-Time, scattered among monster

islands.  SomeTimes you
remember you are diving.
SomeTimes you check,

your meter.  You See you are
at your depth.  You confront
what is there, or 

you surface.  You remember
the only person you are
shadow-boxing, is yourSelves."

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