THE MATH: (Moon + Capricorn) INCONJUNCT (True Lilith + Gemini) = in person. I’m also pretty


Lilith and the Moon

meet up for Tea…

"So, who are you Moonie?
Do you know your personality yet?"
Lilith asks, as she takes a sip.

"I haven't taken the test,"
Moonie slurps back at her.
"Why?" Lilith asks.

"Because I want to study
the system, without bias,"
Moonie flips her hair.

"Well that's impossible,"
Lilith crosses her arms.
"You know what I mean,"

Moonie rolls her eyes,
"My attention is more engaged
if there is a puzzle I am

in the process of solving."
"I thought you decided you are

and Neurotic," Lilith reviews.
"Lilith, have you thought about
taking this test yourSelves?"

Moonie prods,
"I'm definitely high
in negative emotion, but

I'm primarily Disagreeable
when I'm writing.  I actually really
dislike conflict.  I find it

taxing, to be angry and forceful
in person.  I'm also pretty
Extroverted, when it comes

to the category of enthusiasm,
which means I am also high
in positive emotion.  I can get swept up.

I am probably at the top
of Openness.  I am stitching
together associations all Day.  Ideas

just plop into my consciousness."
"Neurotic and Open sounds like
a rough combo," Lilith supposes.

"I know right?" Moonie grins, "It's a mind
like a constantly generating
nightmare machine, but Peterson says

'You do not get an advantage,
without a disadvantage.'  My nightmare
machine, also poops out Bright dreams.

It is the Tao, that makes
sure, I stay in balance."
"Well, I'm reading this book,

called, 'A First-Rate Madness',
and it's all about how 
people with mood disorders

make Great leaders, in Times
of crisis.  So, if it turns out
you are bi-polar, you're not alone.

Lots of moody people run the show
in Times of Chaos,"
Lilith finishes with a nod.

"...Gee thanks Lilith,"
Moonie flattens.
"You're welcome bitch!"

Liliths quips, slapping
the Moon on the back.
Moonie coughs up tea,

"Have you thought about joining
Vesta's book club?  They are
reading something about the Grail..."

Moonie trails.
"I am the Grail, Moonie,"
Lilith says with a sniff,

"I don't need to read about it."
"Well EXCUSE me," Moonie grins,
"I just thought you might enjoy

learning how to romance yourSelves."

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