THE MATH: (Mean Lilith + Cancer) INCONJUNCT (Pluto + Moon CONJUNCT Capricorn) = desiring,” Pluto rakes


Pluto and Lilith,

make sand gardens

at the beach…

"What's your goal
Lilith?" Pluto questions her,
as he carves a labyrinth
in the sand, before them.

"To be mySelves," Lilith
proposes, as she turns his glyph
into a tree, with petals
flourishing, hoping
to End the struggle,
before it begins.

"You are yourSelves.
You need a fresh
Vision.  Humans never stop
desiring," Pluto rakes
over the sand, to start

"Why doesn't Vesta
have to have a goal?"
Lilith whines, getting down
on her hands and knees,
to smooth and pat
the slate clean.

Pluto claps back,
"Vesta is the Thunder,
Perfect Mind, Lilith.
It a full-Time
job. What. is. your.
goal." Pluto hones
in on the Lilikoi.

"I don't know!"
Lilith cries, "It's driving me
fucking crazy.
I can't See it
yet, Pluto.  When I let go,
Nothing shows, behind my eyes.
I'm not ripe
enough to drop, and bruise,
and be eaten."

"Spoken like a True Moon
in Virgo," Pluto grins at her.

"Yes, Well,
you would know,
wouldn't you, Mr. Perfect,"
Lilith says, as she carves
his true name
in the sand.  Pluto's eyes
go wide, and he wipes it
clean, before it can be
captured, "Fucking 'A
Lilith.  That's not cool.
You're not a fucking cat.
Don't scratch me."

Lilith stares at him
blankly, "Then stop
pushing me."

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