THE MATH: (Mercury + Taurus) SQUARE (Saturn + Aquarius) = she can scale,” Saturn nods,


Saturn calls Mercury

in secret, on his burner phone…
"So, how was family therapy?"
Saturn asks Mercury.

"Therapy is confidential,
Time Daddy," Mercury says,
"but between you and me,
Jupey said, he could See
how painful it was
for Lilith to leave the Garden.
And he said, he was proud
of her, for standing
up to him.  And he didn't know
how to give her the tools
that she needed, because
no one gave them to him,
but he wants to move forward,
however they can."

"And what did our passion
fruit, have to say?"
Saturn questions.

"Lilikoi said, 'When
I get angry, I loath
mySelves, and I do not
actually want to show up
like that.  I know
you do not have the tools,
that's okay.  I get mad,
when I get labeled as insane,
because I don't have them either.'"

"And then what?" Saturn prods on.

Mercury shrugs, "And then
the Dr. was all like, 'Lilith,
I heard that your anger was
a gift, and you are
Loved, and accepted, even
in it.  We can handle it.'"

Saturn pauses, "Do you think
she can receive it?"

Mercury shrugs again,
"I don't know yet.
Receiving, is not Lili's
specialty, but
I think she wants to
believe, it is possible."

"She's probably just in the process
of deciding if it's a Dream
she can scale," Saturn nods,
"If I know Hot-Girl-Shit
like I think I do."

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