THE MATH: (Moon + Vesta CONJUNCT Aquarius) = The Grail, is a milkshake


V writes in her diary…

SomeTimes, the most relief
just comes from farting

around with a pal, on a Day
when the Sun is high

and the Wind whips,
and your Heart is breaking

Open again, like Sephy's is.
She says, she is coming

over.  We play
HORSE, in the Courts

outside the Library.
I make very few hoops, but

it turns out I enjoy
chasing after balls,

and Persephone trains me
like Pudding, with a scattering

of, nice hustle's. We laugh.
I learn, I can contact

juggle, with the basketball, but
it is hard for me to push things

a Way, with a sense of gauged
strength.  We huck things.

We name the ball.
Persephone 'Kim Possibles'

over the waist-high chain-link
to retrieve Spalding.  Yes,

we know, we're so original.
We listen to the wobble

of the backboard as Spalding
bounces off.  We dream of painting

the board with a square
to improve our aim.  We play

GLAMOROUS, instead of HORSE,
because generally speaking,

I lose, and we get to dance.
"G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U" I wiggle

as I dribble and I shoot,
Nothing but Air, "-S, babe.

I lose again."
"Let's fart along, shall we?"

Persephone proposes,
"The Grail, is a milkshake."

"Okay," I agree.

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