THE MATH: (Mean Lilith + Cancer) INCONJUNCT (Pluto + Capricorn) = some aloe, for his cat-scratch


Lilith returns to Pluto

in the Sand Gardens…
"I only know how
to move towards what I am
in Love with,"  Lilith confesses
to Pluto, as she hands him
some aloe, for his cat-scratch.

"So what are you
in Love with?"  Pluto asks,
as he accepts the olive branch.

"Maybe Destiny?  Maybe Earth?
I don't know if it exists yet,
anywhere but inside
my own Heart.  I seem
to make it mySelves.
I can share it,
with others, but I find it
hard, to recognize
and receive, when it comes
from those outside of me.
I do not often understand,
why people hang around
with me.  But the more I stand
in the kind of Love
I seek, the more
it grows about me."

"That's not a goal, Lilith,"
Pluto says, handing the salve
back to her.

"No," Lilith says,
"It's a place to start."

Lilith's Instagram: February 14, 2021
"Happy V-Day, Freaks <3"

My brother says, he has a boner
for nature, alWays wanting to get it
on the most, under the Stars, or

in the mountains.  Come to think
of it, much of my bloodline is
this Way -something in our DNA.

Yes, lay me out in the Open
field.  The creepy crawlers do not
scare me.  Give me the damp and

dirt.  Let us come as close
as we can to this Earth. I had
never heard the term before, until

a faerie asked me if I was One,
the other Day, and I think about
the cave, and how it made me

want to hold somebody's hand,
or sneak off into a dimly
lit crevasse, and sing a little

song with them.  Yes, I think I am
wet for All of Life, even as it
withers and blooms, again and

again.  What is more erotic
than the pulse of ancient

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