THE MATH: (Saturn + Vesta + Moon CONJUNCT Aquarius) SQUARE (The Nodes of Fate) = in my Heart. Friends are GXDZ


Vesta is called to the stand.

This Time, Time-Daddy

plays judge…
"Do your characters Matter
more to you, than real people?"
Saturn asks V.

"What does that even mean?"
asks Vesta.

"Do you care
about your stories, more
than real people?"
Saturn rephrases.

"Stories are a Way I express
Love, to real people, Saturn.
SomeTimes, people say, 'I had so much

fun at the park.'  I say, 'Same,
I wrote a poem about it.'
And they say, 'Let's hear it.'

So I read it, and someTimes,
it means more to a person, than
a, 'Yeah, me too,' to hear

how they wove Magick
in my Heart.  Friends are GXDZ.
No, I do not care

about the stories, more
than the people.  Planets,
are people.  SomeTimes, my Heart

is breaking, and when I am
with a Wanderer, they don't ask me
how my Day was, they ask me,

'What did you write today?' because
they know the Story is a more
true response, than anything else
I could give them.  They hear
the Pain.  They hear the Salve.
They ask about it, or we move on.

There is much, I would never
so thinly veil, but Here,
who knows what did

and didn't happen.  The people
who would sculpt the story,
that I do not care about people,

are the same people, who would
prefer to torture and control me.
I may Live, in my own World,

but you don't have to
come in, if you truly find me
so selfish."

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