THE MATH: (Mercury + N. Node CONJUNCT Taurus) = Never heard of him


“Destiny, you’ve got mail,”

chimes Mercury, as he

reads it aloud to her,

without permission…

"The Prince,

Thinks you're a spoiled
brat, and so, the answer
is no, he won't
take you to the ball,

but he will stalk you
for the rest of your life,
on Instagram, after he decides
you're not good enough.


"Who TF is the Prince?"
Destiny puzzles.

"Never heard of him,"
Mercury shrugs,
"Sounds like some Freak
Out Season Drama,
but inquire after the e-mail
list, for Lucy's old book club.
He called it 'Princes 'R Us'.
I bet you'll find,
a lead in there."

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