THE MATH: (Saturn + Vesta CONJUNCT Aquarius) SQUARE (The Nodes of Fate) = personalities, do you


Saturn and V

take a break, from weighing

the Feather, against the Heart…
"So, how many
personalities, do you
actually have?"
Saturn asks, hoping
to chat with V, over a sandwich.

"25, so far, but
some of them are pretty
underdeveloped.  And that's if
you clump the Knights together,
into One, and not
including Lucifer, Handiboi, or Pudding."

"I've never known you
to exclude personalities before,"
Saturn trails, "Why don't you
include the Father,
the Son, and the Holy

"They are derivatives," V shrugs,
"I've never spoken for them.
I suck them up, like Kirby,
from outside of me,
but they write their own Tales.
That's all it takes, really
to be an individual,"
she says, as she takes a bite.

"What truly comes
from outside of you, V?"
Saturn asks her, but
her mouth is full.

She chews.  She swallows,
"I think, probably, a lot,
of subliminal messaging, but Saturn,
on my lunch break,
I'd really like to eat,
if you don't mind,"
Vesta pleads,
"Court is an awful lot
like a maze, and the maze
alWays makes me hungry."

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