THE MATH: (Neptune + Venus + Moon CONJUNCT Pisces) TRINE (S. Node + Scorpio) = singing, to the Child


…Venus Speaks to Fate…

"Once, I had a
Dream, that I wove

baskets, with an old
Woman.  Her home

was covered in herbs,
from wall to wall.

I was learning
from her, and I was

kind of thick.  I could feel
the ceiling in my consciousness.

The children would play in
our yard, but none of them

belonged to us.  She died
and I was not a Master

of the Secrets that died
with her.  One Day,

I went out to sell baskets,
and when I came home

a boy was foaming,
on my cot, and I did not

have the wits to save him.
Although, he held the Berry,

in the grip of what
he'd eaten.  I did not

believe, the Village would
forgive me, and so I fled

to the Port, where
I would vend.  A Captain

I knew, kindly
took me in, as his

Woman, although he could not
Love me.  I grew pregnant,

but I could not bear,
to be tHere, on the Sea,

adrift, and unable to See
a Love that I might

grow mySelves.  I took
a dingy, on a Night when

we were close to Islands,
but I never made it.

I gave birth, and I died
singing, to the Child

on the Waves."

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