THE MATH: (True Lilith + Gemini) TRINE (Vesta + Saturn CONJUNCT Aquarius) SQUARE (The Nodes of Fate) = a little snack,


Vesta takes the stand,

again, brushing breadcrumbs

from the corners of her mouth…
"Everything I am
is built on violence.
I do not run

from that fact.
This is America,
and I have lived

its benefit.  I have
learned to See the Blood
on my hands.  I asked

to be shown how
I arrived Here,
and many answered.  I See

my parts.  I have
just stopped
writhing around,

like a bug, caught
in the Web.  Better
that you mummify

me, Now, like
a little snack,
for later.

If I die, a slow
Death, maybe I can
write about it."

"Dark, V," Lilith spits
a whisper from the stands.

"Thank you," Vesta bows a nod,
and makes to exit.

"Excuse me, Miss," Saturn calls
after her, "We're not done
examining you, yet..."

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