THE MATH: (Sun + Taurus) SEXTILE (Mars + Pisces) = “The Nymphs didn’t listen.”


The Sun calls Mars

in for a meeting…
"Mars, there are a few
things we need to
talk about.  First
of All, where is
your Escape Dingy.
There's been a lot
of gossip about it
on the Dreaming
Sea.  It's a prime
piece of real
estate,"  Sunny explains.

"I don't have it,"
Mars shrugs.

"What do you mean,
you don't have it,"
Sunny cools.

"It's just a dingy,
Sunny," Mars consoles him.

"This is why, we exiled you,
Mars.  You're a fucking
idiot.  You were
not at All curious
about the scraptaculous
sculpture, your Life
Raft was made of?
You didn't even try
to open the Door?"
Sunny fumes.

Mars' gaze retreats
into his eyes, as he looks
back, "There was a lot
going on, Dear Sun.
Take it up with the Moon.
She was the One
who guided me
to steal a Way
with it."

"And yet you could not
guide yourSelves
to keep it?" Sunny pokes
Mars with a burning ray.

Mars does not
move, "Uranus sucked us
All up, into his Game.
And then, I followed Love.
And Now I feel
kind of used, so
hit a man while he is
down, why don't you."

Sunny turns down the dial
on his heat lamp,
"You make yourSelves
a pawn, Mars.  Join Vesta's
book club.  A strong arm
like you, could benefit
from reading the 48
Laws of Power.
Get your paws on it."

"I'm already in Lilith's
book club," Mars explains,
returning to presence.

"Lili has a book club?"
Sunny wonders.

"Yeah," Mars shrugs,
"So did Lucifer."

"OK. -Moving on,"
Sunny waves that
portal a Way,
"It has become
clear, you have yet
to choose a weapon
for the Legend
of the Hidden Temple:
Water World Edition.
Even Handiboi, has chosen,
and no one even asked him.
That's what we call
initiative.  The theme,
is Blade," Sunny pauses.

But a Blade is not
forthcoming.  "What is
already taken?" Mars wonders.

Sunny sighs,
"Lilith is the Silver
Dagger.  Handiboi is  Excalibur.
Vesta is the Blade of Grass.
Mercury is the Roller Blade.
Venus is the Sheath Protecting
a Frog's Eyeball, underWater.
And you are...?" Sunny leads.

"Can Venus even be that?"
Mars wonders.

"We're rolling with it,"
Sunny cuts.

"Of course we are,"
Mars quips bitterly.

"And you are..." Sunny
tries again.

"I'm drawing a big old
blank, Big Guy.
Also, I thought you
were all like, 'The World
revolves around me.
Change, your theme, I'm leaving
Pisces,'" Mars leaps over him.

"I did say that,"
Sunny confesses.

"So what happened?"
Mars gains more ground.

"The nymphs didn't listen,"
Sunny glooms.


"Shut up," Sunny attempts to
recover himSelf,  "Where
did you last See
the dingy, Mars?"

"I left it on the Shores
of Nows.  I thought, maybe
Athena would re-discover it
there.  I know how much
she Loved it," Mars explains.

"Yeah..." Sunny trails,
"She did not take
the pilfer

"I'll bring it up
in Family Therapy,"
Mars nods.

"GREAT idea,"
Sunny claps, "Goodbye,
Mars, and thanks
for Nothing,"
Sunny turns
and walks a Way.

Mars cups his hands
to his mouth, "Ouch, Sunny!"
He calls, after him.

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