THE MATH: (True Lilith + Gemini) TRINE (Vesta + Saturn CONJUNCT Aquarius) SQUARE (The Nodes of Fate) = he found the Sword


Handiboi sends Vesta,

a song, without explanation,

to get her through court. It goes…
"Before the clocks started counting,
we built shrines to the Sun.

Conducted rites by the moonLight,
Now remembered by none.

As we move through the future,
we are warmed by the past.

Like a Fire on a cold, Dark Night,
but Dawn is Here at last.

Let go of All that binds you.
Your kind will alWays find you.

We must give up the old Ways,
though they've served us Well.

The rituals have lost meaning.
What were temples, are shells.

But there is a new path,
that alWays has been.

As we set foot upon it,
let us fear not the End.

Let go of All that binds you.
Your kind will alWays find you.

An endless series of meaningless tasks.
Each one distracting us All from the last.

Look All around at the things
you've been given.  What do you See?

Beauty and splendor,
destruction and ruin,

All in your memory.
Let go of All that binds you.

Your kind will
alWays find you."

-THE SWORD, 'Empty Temples'

...Vesta and Lilith listen,
to the song, as V waits
to stand trial, again...

"It's kind of like
he found the Sword
in the Stone,"
Vesta floats, in the after
-shock of the sound-wave.

"I know right?" Lilith nudges her,
"The Knights would Love this.
They've been looking for
a pump-up tune, for their stupid quests.
I told you, Handiboi is brilliant."

"Don't fuck with the Son, Lilith,"
V reaches out, to protect the HandiOne,
"I've got enough Trouble."

"I won't fuck with him,"
Lilith rolls her eyes.

"Okay girls," Saturn peeks his head
around the Door, "It's Time
to get back up tHere!"
Saturn cheers on Vesta.

"Great," Vesta rings

"It's going to be fine, V,
I'll be in the pews,
drawing Vesta Manga, and
cheering you on,"
Lilith assures her.

"They don't call them pews,
Here, Lilith," Vesta corrects her.

"The stadium, then,"
Lilith exchanges.

"I don't think that
is right either..."
Vesta trails.

"Whatever," Lilith growls,
"Go get 'em Tiger,"
she encourages V, as she tosses
up the horns to her,
and presses play on
'Empty Temples', again.

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