THE MATH: (Moon + Aries) SEMISEXTILE (Sun + Taurus) = “Moonie, WTF,”


"Moonie, WTF,"
Sunny berates her,
as she walks toward him.

"What did I do,
this Time, Sunny-One,"
Moonie sings, as she
grabs an apple, and lays
down in the Garden grass.

"You instructed Mars,
to adopt Athena's Life
Raft?  Since when
has Mars ever been
capable of grabbing a hold
of a big opportunity, like that?"
Sunny reprimands.

"You underestimate him,"
Moonie frowns, "It's hard to grasp
at anything on the Dreaming
Sea, Sunny.  You know Mars
gets butter-fingers, in Pisces.
Give him a break.  He's Love
-sick," Moonie protects him.

"My issue is not
with Mars, old Friend,"
Sunny growls low, as he digs
his toes into the Garden dirt.

"I won't apologize for saving
Mars, from the nymphs, Sunny,"
Moonie stands up for herSelves,
"If they had caught him,
wall-flowering like Ferdinand
the Bull, all over their secret,
sacred, sexy rites, they would have
stoned him, to Death, with All
the rocks they used
to hop their Way
to the safety of the Ferry.
Besides, Athena was hanging on
to her 'sanity' by a thread.
It was better that the cord
was cut, where she could not
run, and Persephone could
show her how to write
a Forest Book."

"We aren't supposed to
meddle," Sunny protests.

"You're the Sun, Sunny!"
The Moon proclaims,
"Who exactly are you
answering to?"

"My moral compass,"
Sunny claps back at her.

"Those are calibrated
individually," Moonie offers.

"What is the use
of a compass, if no one
can trust it, to lead
North?" Sunny whines.

"They do lead North,"
Moonie soothes him,
"But everyone's Destiny,
is different.  Sunny, why
do you need this Door,
so bad?" Moonie asks.

"It is a Door to ElseWhere,
Moonie.  As far as I am
concerned, that makes it
the Last Frontier, and a cowboy
can't resist, an adventure
like that," Sunny whispers,
voice as misty as a pasture.

"Mmk," Moonie flattens.

"What," Sunny snaps back.

"Nothing," Moonie
looks a Way.

"Cut the shit,"  Sunny lobs
a pebble at her.

"Magick-making, is
not a destination,
Sunny, although it may be
Destiny," Moonie says.

"You're so fucking annoying,"
Sunny heaves, and throws
himSelves, face-down
on the grass.

"you're awfully stubborn,
and crusty, over Here,
in Taurus, Sunshine,"
Moonie smiles.

"I want that Door,
Moonshine," Sunny's demand
is muffled in the grass.

"So find it,"
Moonie shrugs back.

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