THE MATH: (The Nodes of Fate) SQUARE (Vesta + Saturn CONJUNCT Aquarius) = “It would appear


Vesta returns

to the stand…

"Vesta," Destiny begins,
the cross-examination,

"Could you please decode
this note for me?"

"Excuse me," Saturn butts in,
"But we're Here to judge

Vesta, not absorb
her expertise, Destiny."

Vesta waits, "Are you going to
pound your little gavel, then?"

"No," Saturn concedes,
"Go ahead."  Vesta gazes

at the 0's and 1's,
on the page...

"Novel. Novel.
American Novel.

Lazy Writer.
Write a Novel.

Get your act
together.  Stop

eating people.
Novel. Novel.

You cheap gossip
whore,"  V finishes 

as she reads the code,
behind the messages,

from Destiny's Prince,
"It would appear

the Prince would like you
to write a Novel.  Maybe

even the next Great
American Novel, Destiny."

"But V, you are
already doing that,"

Saturn judges.
"I know," V shrugs,

looking Destiny
in the eye, "But maybe your

Prince does not."

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