THE MATH: (Venus + Pisces) SEMISEXTILE (Vesta + Saturn CONJUNCT Aquarius) SQUARE (The Nodes of Fate) = Time? You cannot leave


Venus sends Vesta

a riddle, to soothe

her soul…
"You know how,
when you make
a painting, you've got to

work on All parts
of it, at the Same
Time?  You cannot leave

any corner of the Unfolding
untouched, for too long?
It is the same, with

the Voices of your Soul.
Like children, learning
Word, you've got to

speak to them, for their voices
to develop.  Other
voices, you have

carried, far enough, for Now,
and you know this.
Who within you

needs a hug?
Lend it, to yourSelves
little Wanderer.  Spark

a question, to a Soul,
and you will find
a Friend."

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