THE MATH: Pluto STATIONS Rx in Capricorn = ago. She woke the Warriors


“Vesta,” Lilith busts in,

“We’ve got another problem…”

"And what might that be,
Lilikoi?" Vesta asks her.

"Our Great War, has no armies,"
Lilith's brow furrows,
"How will we form
a truce, without

"Sure it does, Lilith.
This is the War You Cannot Win,
Venus created, two sets, forever
ago.  She woke the Warriors,
in Tartarus, AND she aided
Saturn, in procuring the necessary
materials, to make an army
of Uranus clones, but they mutinied."

"So its Zombies vs. Clones..."
Lilith trails.

Vesta shrugs, "As far as
I can See."

"So where are the herds
Now?" Lilith dawns.

Vesta bites her lip,
"Great question..."

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