THE MATH: (True Lilith + Cancer) TRINE (Vesta + Aquarius) SEMISEXTILE (Jupiter + Neptune + Venus CONJUNCT Pisces) = we are making a potion


“It’s Time for Court,”

Lilith says, tossing a ball

in the Air, from where

she lays on V’s bedroom floor…
"We're playing hookie,"
Vesta replies, without looking up.

"Can we do that?"
Lilith asks.

"I don't think anyone really cares
what we do, Lili," V says.

"Why do we need
to churn the Milk Ocean?"
Lilith changes the subject.

"It's how you form a truce,"
Vesta states the facts,
"That's what the Myth says,
on the label," V points
to the back of her
hot-cocoa powder.

"It's a little too hot outside
for cocoa, don't you think?"
Lilith wonders.

"Shut up," V cuts, "Imagine
we are making a potion
and you're in Gryffindor,"
Vesta paints the picture,
"Now, we will need..."
she unfurls her list
of ingredients.

"-Frog's Breath!"
Lilith interjects.

Vesta looks over
the edge of the scroll
at her, "No
Frogs Breath,"
she says, as she hands
the list to Lilith.

Lilith reads aloud
as she looks it over,

"Churning the Milk Ocean
will require:

1.  A Great War
2.  Daemon Enemies
3.  A Prophecy"

Vesta nods,
with a far off stare.

"Well, check, checkity-check.
We've got all three of these,"
Lilith says proudly.

"You missed One,"
Vesta says, still elsewhere.

"4." Lilith reads, "A Mountain,
as a turning stick,"
she falters,
"We don't have a Mountain."

"I know," V looks at her,
"Handiboi has got the Mountain."

"There have got to be
other Mountains," Lilith insists.

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